Project #HappyQ8 was a video launched on Youtube to promote happiness in not only Kuwait but the whole world. To date, we managed to get more than half a million views! We collaborated to do this project without any sponsorship by any organization, just through our shared will and belief in promoting positivity.



To date, we managed to get more than half a million views! We also took part in representing Kuwait at the United Nation's International Day of Happiness on March 20, 2014 just 15 days after we launched our video.

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Kuwait. You have such an incredible history. Such a resilient people. I applaud you. And I got to get there some day. But for now, I have got to take the time to tell you how happy the people have made me to see you guys go from the desert to the beach. It made us very very very happy over at IAmOther. Kuwait you are a strong nation, and we can’t wait to see you raise your frequency to the highest of the high when it comes to happiness.
— Pharrell Williams
Brilliant job putting together Happy [Kuwait] - planning, performing & editing. I’ve enjoyed checking out almost one hundred versions of Happy from all over the world [what a wonderful phenomenon!] and vote this one #1 (with Happy [Ukraine] #2) ... and get a happy-refresh watching again occasionally. Certainly you have inspired others and of course made others happy too (& thanks to Pharrell for his gift that is this special song!).
— John BaRoss
Amazing!! Great editing, definitely need more people like you in Kuwait, keep spreading the love and positivity.
— Sahar Beshayer
Wow, that blew me away! i’m so proud of you guys, you did an amazing job, i would’ve loved to be a part this. The best point is that not only kuwaities got to be a part but everyone.
— Dana Echelon
This is exactly what the world needs to see. Fight propaganda with love.
— Tyrion Lannister
This video just makes me smile so much.
— Merryn Hamilton
Cheers ! Im in love with this video ! It generates a happy energy !
— Athari Adel